5-day meal prep that really works

Homemade Chicken Meal Prep with Veggies

As many of us are to remain at home for unforseen amount of time right now it seems that our health and wellness maybe something we can focus on. We have the opportunity without the distraction from fast food in-between running errands and grabbing that Starbucks as we run children to the different sports practices. So I am hoping to encourage you to begin this very personal journey. My success story individual has seen such amazing results I have to use them as inspiration. Their journey is still in progress and inspiring with a level of self discipline that is remarkable. 

The body of a male in their mid-30s goes through a drop in testosterone. This has many effects on the body (muscle loss), mental state (depression). Know that if you start overweight or are looking to bulk it will be difficult and will require you to commit and push yourself. You have to find what works for you. Trial and changing it up to find what works for you will be key. 

Meal prepping has been the staple of this program. If you can control your intake you will see results even if you fall short every once in awhile with routine. It is no secret that carbs need to be cut out of your diet. Start with your protein as your main portions. Chicken and/or steak seem to work well. Switching out for fish every so often works well too. Chicken breast season with veggies in the oven are easy to cook and divide up. Seasoning and switching up the veggies help with eating it day after day. A good substitute or in addition to you can also try low sodium beans. They have many different varieties for added flavor. We got the Rubbermaid Take-a-longs for easy warm up also, if we do lose a piece or it gets tossed out it isn’t a huge loss. They are great in the dishwasher and microwave. We make 5 days at a time, 1 for lunch and 1 for dinner. 

Mornings we try to do a couple different things. Either an oatmeal or fruit. On our days off we can do steak and eggs or turkey sausage and eggs. Still trying to stick with the high protein. Every morning and before workouts a protein shake is a great idea. Lots of fruit (fresh or frozen, depending on how thick you want), juice, oats, plain or vanilla light greek yogurt, and protein powder. Now, protein powders taste and ingredients vary so make sure to read and get the one that’s fits into your planning. We chose one that is high in protein, low in sugar and still blends well with fruit, but choose what works for you. 

We also had to upgrade our old school blender. The twice a day usage and the frozen fruit take a toll. We decided on the Ninja IQ 1000 watt blender. It comes with two sizes of blender bottles and the blade and seal ring are easy to clean. Make sure you get the seal back in correctly or the whole thing will leak when you flip it over to blend (ridge on the inside).

Try to stick with the prepped meals and protein shakes for a few weeks, you may see results even sooner. Keep track of your weight and take pictures of your body as it changes. Definitely encouraging!!! Set a reasonable weight goal, knowing that fat turning to muscle weighs more. Meal prepping and controlling what you eat will be a routine that will take some time to adjust to. It will help you feel less bloated and heavy, perfect time to get a good workout routine started. Get in a few water bottles with fresh lemons too! Good luck!

Workout routine ideas coming!

Where can you find a few necessities?

Just a short addendum to my previous post.

It has become almost impossible to find cleaning product online, understandably. I have taken to the cleaning products that have been shoved to the back of our cabinets to clean just to avoid a trip to the store. Good ole’ fashion Pine Sol! I want to make sure that you try all the options for things like toilet paper and paper products such as Dollar Store, 99 cent store, Home Depot, Lowe’s and even gas stations. With the recent limitations of leaving your home you might need to wait a day or so until the stores are able to restock from the initial panic stricken shoppers. Baby wipes in the trash for a day or so until toilet paper restocks might be a real thing! Please be safe out there!!

Target.com is a great source to buy snacks to get you through a few days if you start to run out. Peanut Butter crackers might be a last resort. They are posting updates on their commitment to their customers through this trying time. They are shipping, it is a week out for delivery so please plan accordingly.

I have also found these on Amazon if it can help you get through a few days. Let’s all help and be kind to each other as human beings. As in my previous post these are available at the time of this post, but items are selling out quickly.

Let’s all work together. Suggestions are encouraged!

Health and Wellness

I wanted to start the HEALTH and fitness page on a different tone with gym techniques to try and a few shakes and meals that have worked for my family.

After doing some research have found out that with the developing Covid-19 pandemic, we all need to work together to teach how to help prevent the spread to our families and where to find the things we need in this time of panic.

First off, I am not a doomsday prepper. I am however taking steps to protect my family from the panic and aggressive nature that society is showing in local shopping markets. So, I am storing a little more freezer food, bought a few more water filters, and an extra bottle of washing detergents. Just things that we will use anyway but prevent an extra trip to the store in the event that mass chaos follows a daily news update. Here are a few things that I have found and at the time of this post are in stock and available for purchase.  The list may seem a little incomplete, but I wanted to get it out to you as I find them, I will continue to update.

Hand Wipes

Antibacterial Wet Wipes

Immune Booster (ages 4 and up)

Keep the kiddos busy if you do stay home

Uno Cards

Please share if you have some helpful tips.