Where can you find a few necessities?

Just a short addendum to my previous post.

It has become almost impossible to find cleaning product online, understandably. I have taken to the cleaning products that have been shoved to the back of our cabinets to clean just to avoid a trip to the store. Good ole’ fashion Pine Sol! I want to make sure that you try all the options for things like toilet paper and paper products such as Dollar Store, 99 cent store, Home Depot, Lowe’s and even gas stations. With the recent limitations of leaving your home you might need to wait a day or so until the stores are able to restock from the initial panic stricken shoppers. Baby wipes in the trash for a day or so until toilet paper restocks might be a real thing! Please be safe out there!!

Target.com is a great source to buy snacks to get you through a few days if you start to run out. Peanut Butter crackers might be a last resort. They are posting updates on their commitment to their customers through this trying time. They are shipping, it is a week out for delivery so please plan accordingly.

I have also found these on Amazon if it can help you get through a few days. Let’s all help and be kind to each other as human beings. As in my previous post these are available at the time of this post, but items are selling out quickly.

Let’s all work together. Suggestions are encouraged!

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  1. Long time reader, first time commenter — so, thought I’d drop a comment..
    — and at the same time ask for a favor.

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    I just launched my small businesses site –also built in wordpress
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    In case you have a minute, you can find it by searching
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    Keep up the good work– and take care of yourself during the coronavirus


    1. Hi Justin,
      Thanks for reaching out. I am getting started with the theme Twenty Seventeen. I did have to change the picture a few times to get it to load as well. It was running slow with my original high quality image so I also toned that down. Hopefully the more simplistic theme can work for you. Best of luck!

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